Essential Information

The process of buying a home is a legal and complex process and can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.  An experienced title services company can help you through the process.  At Wayne County Title Agency, Inc. we have provided various real estate-related services to countless clients.  We can help you as well.  If you are buying a home directly from the owner, please contact us today for any questions and help for the closing process to prepare you for the purchase of a home.

New lender: Do you have the new lender’s name and phone number?  Please don’t forget the loan officer’s name! Contact your escrow agent to let them know your lender's information as soon as possible, it is essential to complete the transaction..

Marital Status
We will need to know the marital status of all parties in the transaction when the order is placed.  If the spouses are not in the area please let us know right away. Buyer's Spouse(s), if they are getting a loan, will be required to be present at closing and sign to release their dower rights on the mortgage and other lender documents.

Good Funds
“Good Funds” is required under Ohio Code. Good funds are classified as a cashier’s check or wire transfer. Your closing agent will provide you wiring instructions if you would like to have your funds wired.  Should you need any further information, please ask Wayne County Title Agency, Inc. Escrow Department.

Power of Attorney
Notify your closing agent immediately if you are planning to use a Power of Attorney.  This must be approved by the closing agent and the Lender before closing.  The original Power of Attorney needs to be given to the Closing Agent before we can close.  We will need to file the original Power of Attorney in the county records.

Homeowners Insurance
Provide a copy of your new homeowner's insurance policy along with a paid receipt for the full year preium to your lender at least one week before closing.   If the lender will allow the insurance premium to be included in the final closing, an invoice will need to be presented prior to closing along with the proof of insurance.