Buyer's Checklist

As soon as we receive an okay from your lender to set your closing, we will contact you to schedule a closing date and time. 

  • We will need all parties and their spouses to come to closing and bring photo identification (current and not expired passport, driver's license, or state-issued identification card)
  • Proof of Homeowners insurance.  The declaration page and a copy of a paid receipt. If you are getting a loan most lenders will need you to provide this proof of insurance and a paid receipt to them prior to scheduling your closing with us.
  • Be sure you have made arrangements for your funds to be accessible prior to the closing date. A cashier's check or wired funds will be required for any amount needed for your closing (contact Wayne County Title Agency, Inc. for our wire transfer information).
  • Any additional documentation that your lender and/or Wayne County Title Agency, Inc. has asked you to provide.
  • Make sure that you have notified the appropriate utilities and confirmed with the seller or their agent what date will be used for the transfer of the utilities.