Buyer's Tips

When buying a home, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible.  Here are a few helpful tips on how to make that happen:

  • Research your buying decision thoroughly, especially consider location, nearby schools, shopping, public transportation, neighborhood property values, and crime rates.
  • Check your credit report for unexpected blemishes and assess your finances to make sure the home is within your price range.
  • Take any purchase contract/agreement to your attorney to have reviewed if you have any doubts or questions about what you are signing.
  • Give your closing agent a copy of your signed contract/agreement so that they can start the process and any potential issues can be addressed.
  • Insist on a home inspection by a professional inspector of your choice--not the seller's.
  • Make sure the home and its appliances are in good working order and resolve any repair disagreements.
  • Provide a copy of your new homeowner's insurance policy to your lender at least one week before closing.
  • Contact your closing agent if your lender asks for the payment of any outstanding consumer bills before closing.
  • Notify your closing agent immediately if you are planning to use a Power of Attorney.  This must be approved by the closing agent and the Lender before closing.  The original Power of Attorney needs to be given to the Closing Agent before we can close.  We will need to file the original Power of Attorney in the county records.
  • Make sure that you have notified the appropriate utilities that you are moving so they can turn them on for you in your new home as quickly as possible. Coordinate the transfer of the utlities with the seller so they do not turn off the services.
  • If you are required to bring funds to closing, please bring a cashier's check or wire transfer funds for that amount.(Your closing agent will provide you wiring instructions if you would like to have your funds wired.) Be sure that your funds for closing are available for your immediate withdrawal prior to the actual closing date or it may delay your closing.

Closing Tips

The closing is the last step homebuyers must complete before becoming official homeowners.  To ensure that it goes smoothly, you should always arrive at the closing prepared.  This means you should come with proper identification, a valid and current driver's license, state issued ID card or your passport,  proof of home and/ or flood insurance, and any other documents your lender or your closing agent has requested you to bring along with the cashier's check payable to Wayne County Title Agency, Inc., unless you have made arrangements for the funds to be wired into Wayne County Title Agency, Inc.'s escrow account at an earlier date.