Borrower Refinance Checklist

If you are refinancing:

  1. We will need to order your payoffs from your current lender.  We will need your signed authorization and your loan numbers and contact information for your current lender.
  2. As soon as we receive an ok to schedule from your lender, we will contact you to schedule a closing time.
  3. If you are married, even if your spouse is not on the loan and/or is not an owner in the property he/she will need to sign the mortgage to release their dower rights required in our state.  They must come to closing with you at the same time that you sign your refinance documents.
  4. We will need each of you to bring a valid and current government issued photo proof of identity for everyone signing documents. This could be your State Drivers License, passport or a State issued ID.  Some lenders require 2 forms of ID. A second ID could be a work or school photo ID or your social security card.
  5. If you need to bring money to the closing table, we will require a cashiers check or a bank wire transfer payable to Wayne County Title Agency, Inc. - (we  can supply you wiring instructions). The exact amount you will need to bring to closing may not be available until a few hours prior to closing. Wayne County Title Agency, Inc. will contact you as soon as an exact figure is available.
  6. Closing can take approximately an hour or more depending upon the documentation that will need to be signed for your transaction.

Please be aware that most residential refinancing transactions require a three day waiting period before the tranaction is deemed complete, and the closing can be funded.  During this three day Recission Period, you as the Borrower(s) and or your spouse  may be able to cancel the transaction by following the instructions provided by the Lender.  After the recission period passes, and the Lender authorizes disbursement of the funds, Wayne County Title Agency, Inc. will issue checks or wires for payment of the items indicated on the Setttlement Statement signed at closing by the Borrower.