How the Title and Escrow process works:

Generally speaking, most title orders come to us via the lender or realtor of either the buyer or seller, depending  on which area of the state you live in.  As title agent, we will commence an examination of the title of the property and order the necessary   information   to  complete   the  closing.    When   these   matters   are completed and reviewed by our staff and the lender notifies us that we are okay to proceed to schedule  a closing, we will notify you, either directly or via your realtor or lender who placed the title order, to arrange a day and time to close the loan.

The lender will provide to us their closing package and what’s called “closing instructions  with the figures for your closing.  At times the closing package and closing instructions will not be received until the same day as the closing. We will compile their figures and the title figures and closing costs and other additional amounts required according to the purchase agreement onto a HUD-1 Settlement Statement.   The HUD-1  Settlement  Statement  will need to be preapproved  by your lender before we can release any figures to you for the amount you will need to bring to closing.

We will also advise you of any funds you may need to complete the transaction. Funds for closing can only be in the form of a bank cashier's check made payable to Wayne County Title Agency, or your funds will have to be wired into Wayne County Title Agency, Inc.'s escrow account. If you will be wiring funds to us for closing, please contact us and we can email or fax our wiring instructions to you. 

In addition, you and your spouse must bring a valid current government-issued  picture I.D. (ie Drivers license, passport or state issued ID) with you both  to  closing  for  proper  identification.  We  cannot  close  a  transaction without this I.D.