Information for Sellers

If you are a Corporation or LLC:

If you are a corporation or an LLC, we will need to confirm that you are listed as an entity and in good standing on the Ohio Secretary of State's business filings and we must see your operating agreement. We also require a resolution signed by the board or all of the members authorizing the sale and conveyance of the property.  The resolution must authorize and state the capacity of the person that will be signing the deed and other seller documents to act on behalf of the corporation or LLC.

Premium Discounts:

If you purchased this property within the last 10 years:  look for the closing statement (also called a HUD-1 Settlement Statement) prepared when you purchased your home, OR a copy of your Owner’s Title Policy.  If your purchase was within the last 10 years, premium discounts may apply to the Owner's Title Policy being issued to your new buyer.  We will need to see a copy of either of these  documents  in order  to calculate  and give  the discount.    If our office handled your closing when you purchased your property, we can access those copies from our own rec

Notify utility companies:

Make  sure  that  you  notify  the  appropriate  utility  companies  that  you  are moving so they can transfer the utilities into the new buyers names.  Be sure to coordinate the transfer of the utilities with the buyer so they do not shut off the services.

Trust Ownership:

If this property is owned by Trustees of a trust, our office will need to review a copy of your trust and any amendments thereto.  The Memorandum  of Trust must comply  with O.R.C. §5301.255. We will need an Affidavit of Trust prepared , executed, acknowledged and recorded in the County records, your attorney can prepare the Affidavit or our attorney's office can prepare the Affidavit of Trust for you at standard cost.

Power of Attorney(s):

If there is a power of attorney involved from the seller or their spouse to an Attorney in Fact, please fax or email a copy of the power of attorney document to the our office. We must approve the Power of Attorney prior to the preparation and signing of the Deed and other documents. We must have the original Power of Attorney brought to our office with you when you sign the deed.  The original Power of Attorney will have to be recorded in the county records prior to the recording of the Deed.

Government Transfer Fees:

These are closing costs that are payable to the local, county, or state governmental entities and relating to the transaction. Usually the only fees applicable in Ohio are county recording fees and any transfer taxes owed for documents created in the transaction, such as the deed. Transfer tax varies by county and are based upon the sales price of the property and must be paid just prior to the recording of the deed. Closing costs may also include the actual government charges for obtaining tax, utility and other municipal certification statements.


The expenses as stated in your purchase agreement as agreed expenses to be charged to you as the seller will be shown on the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and deducted from your proceeds, if any.  If there are any additional expenses to the closing transaction that were not covered in your purchase agreement, but  are  required  in  order  to  complete  the  closing,  we  may  require  an addendum to your purchase agreement to clarify what party will be paying for those expenses.


A deed to convey the owner's and their spouse's interest in the property to the buyer will be required to be signed and properly notarized in front of a notary public.  The preparation of the Deed can be prepared by our Attorney's Office for you at standard cost.